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What is Propylene Glycol USP?
Propylene Glycol USP is approved for Food and Beverage Applications. USP products are certified in conformance to FDA guidelines. Propylene Glycol USP products are packaged in a class 8 clean room and contain a Product Lot number.

Is Propylene Glycol USP Food Grade?
Food grade is a term often used in describing Propylene Glycol USP. Always use a product designated with USP on the label if you are using the product in food or beverage or in applications where the Propylene Glycol may contact food.

How much Propylene Glycol USP can be added to a Food or Beverage product?
For legal reasons, we can not provide advice. If you are purchasing Propylene Glycol for a food additive application please ask an expert in the Food and Beverage field.

What is the difference between Propylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol USP?
USP is certified for food food use. Do not use straight Propylene Glycol or other grades of Propylene Glycol in food and beverage applications. Propylene Glycol USP can be substituted for Propylene Glycol.

*** Top 5 questions to ask yourself before ordering Propylene Glycol.
  1. Do I need a corrosion inhibitor with your glycol to protect against corrosion? If you have iron and other metals that may corrode, you may require a inhibited glycol product.
  2. Do I need an FDA (food grade) regulated product? FDA regulated facilities regulated certified product in case the process water stream contacts the food or beverage. This product may be a USP grade inhibited glycol or a straight Proylene Glycol USP.
  3. What is the freeze point protection required? This will tell us how much glycol vs water you need.
  4. How critical is the application? For very critical applications, you may require DI water instead of soft water.
  5. Do I need premixed glycol (example 30% premixed) or can I mix it yourself? Buying concentrated products will save you money, since you do not have to purchase and transport water. For applications, that require premixed glycol, ChemWorld does offer this product on another website.

Is Ethylene Glycol the same as Propylene Glycol?
No. Do not confuse Propylene Glycol with Ethylene Glycol. These are 2 different chemicals. Be careful when ordering any chemical. Always confirm the CAS Registration Number. There are many different grades of Glycols.