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Propylene Glycol Properties

What are the specifications of Propylene Glycol Properties?
Refer to the attached Certificate of Analysis.

Can you provide an example of what a Certificate of Analysis of Propylene Glycol looks like?
Yes, all USP Propylene Glycol products come with a Certificate of Analysis. This is just an example of one truck load ChemWorld.com purchased.

What are the Requirements of Propylene Glycol USP?
If you order Propylene Glycol USP, it should clearly state USP on the container and it must have a lot number.

What types of Propylene Glycol are there?
ChemWorld distributes Dowfrost, JeffCool, and ChemWorld.

Propylene Glycol USP Certificate of Analysis downloads as of 4/15/12:

5 and 55 gallon containers


5 and 55 gallons containers 9-12-12


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